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20 Allée de la Danse
Nathan Edition


Between 2016 and 2024 I had the pleasure of illustrating the entire series 20 Allée de la Danse by Élisabeth Barféty published by Nathan. We follow the adventures of a group of friends within the Paris Opera Dance School over more than twenty volumes.

This collaboration was rich in learning about this unique world of classical dance. In order to best document my illustration work, I went to the dance school for a day, visiting the different places where the story would come to life. I was also able to attend different classes, allowing me to enrich my photo library which would later be used to faithfully draw the very codified postures of classical dance.

Each book includes 5 to 10 illustrations interiors in black and white. The choice of passages to illustrate was made by myself in collaboration with the publisher. 

Today the series is a resounding success and has been adapted by Pocket Jeunesse in pocket book but also in audio book on the platform Audible.

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