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Les Jours qui restent
Editions Delcourt - Mirages Collection

Screenplay: Éric Dérian

Publication date: 2019

136 pages

Follow Charlotte, Daniel and Catherine, three destinies linked by illness in a dynamic comedyue and touching about the difficulty of rebuilding ourselves when life hits us. It's hard to know what to do with your life when you could die tomorrow. Abandon everything, start from scratch... Do shock and despair contain the energy of a new beginning? Three intersecting destinies, linked by the same affection, confront this question in a moving story, sometimes sad but often funny, which reminds us that we can grow and mature at any age, to learn how to live again, really.

La Célibataire - Volume 1
Éditions Michel Lafon - Mirage Collection

Scenario: India Desjardins

Publication date : 2014

64 pages

Down with preconceived ideas! A young single woman doesn't spend her evenings in her pajamas watching a romantic comedy and eating ice cream. In this uncompromising album, the authors take the clichés in reverse to better unwind us. Because not being in a relationship means above all leading an exciting life, which is not governed by bottle schedules or match nights.
Follow the tribulations of theBachelor, a colorful character who rarely loses face or his good humor, and learn to spot if the male is free to the contents of his Caddy, to take advantage of each situation to show his ex that we are much better off without him, to go for every good deal that presents itself (without getting your feet caught in the bar carpet)... A good slice of laughterbetween friends! In 2013, the title "Labachelor Volume 1" was nominated for the Réal-Fillion prize for Quebec author, screenwriter or designer who has distinguished himself the most with his first professional album.

La Célibataire - Volume 2
Éditions Michel Lafon

Scenario: India Desjardins

Publication date: 2012

62 pages

The survivor is back !

Cute, inventive, energetic, goofy and desperately alone, the survivor is ready to do anything to meet the man of her life and start a family. From one page to another, the reader will follow eagerly, and with a smileor a laugh, its tragicomic tribulations. Falling asleep before a date because you put too much energy into getting dolled up, sprawling out on an ice rink trying to impress a man, being confronted with the realities of modern communications between men and women are all part of this single woman's life. , determined both to tame her solitude and to escape from it.

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