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Journal d'un Joyeux Bordel
by Sophie Astrabie - Éditions Eyrolles

An illustrated journal...

The novelist and mother Sophie Astrabie sketches with her pretty pen “the happy mess” of parents’ lives. Throughout the pages, the chronicles of this story will undoubtedly echo everything you experience on a daily basis: anger, difficult nights, anxieties, upheaval in the couple... But also the joys, the surprises and all the happiness to be a parent. They livewill sometimes touch your heart, sometimes make you laugh, sometimes make you think. From a deliberately optimistic, joyful and tender angle, this book is the ideal ally to allow you to relieve your guilt, lighten your mental load and take a step back from the often (very) hectic daily life of parents!

"I fully illustrated this work, choosing the passages in consultation with the author and the editor. The idea was to obtain a sort of diary, a logbook where texts and drawings intermingle harmoniously. "

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